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Galaxies and Planetary Systems

Head - J. Palous
Deputy - C. Ron
Secretary - Z. Dienstbierova

phone: +420.267103038, fax: +420.272769023 

  The department Galaxies and Planetary Systems (GPS) studies evolution of galaxies in groups and clusters, formation of stars and starclusters. The infrared, UV and X-ray observations are compared to analytical models and computer simulations of gravitational and MHD processes. Active galactic nuclei and galactic black hole candidates are analysed in the framework of general relativity, high-energy X-rays and properties of microquasars. Earth rotation and its gravity field and the gravity field of other bodies of the solar system are studied. We analyse the dynamics of asteroids and Trans Neptunian Objects (TNO) and also compose an astrometric star catalogue. Research is organised into three working groups: