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Solar Activity Monitoring and Forecasting

F. Zloch
T. Vanek
  This group  observes the Sun in the white  light and in  the
 H-alpha line; the results are used in the scientific research
 of the Solar  Department, and they  contribute  to the  world
 net ISES  (as station No. 31516) and to SIDC in Brussels.
 Besides  solar  observations,  the  group  tries  to  collect
 all the accessible data on the actual state of solar activity.
 The group  compiles  and  publishes  a  weekly solar-activity
 forecast. The  solar-activity forecast has  been published in
 Ondrejov since 1978, and the  group took over the forecasting
 in 1990.
 For monitoring observations of the whole solar disk in H-alpha,
 a small refractor is used (50/320 mm +  H-alpha filter Coronado
 0,6 A ). For detailed observations  of  the solar photosphere
 and chromosphere, two refractors are used (205/2830 [A.Clark-
 -1858] and 210/3410 + H-alpha  filter  DayStar 0,7 A), with CCD-
 -cameras, a computer image-analyzer, digitization of the image
 and  its   videorecording. A small refractor (63/840) are used
 to monitor the   whole   solar   photospheric   disk.
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