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The book "Sundials at fixed locations. Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia" issued
16. 3. 2005 - Drahomira Pecinova

 Academia publisher issued the book "Sundials at fixed locations. Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia" (in Czech). Web page of the project is here.

Live Transmission of the Venus Transit
4. 6. 2004 - Rostislav Stork

 On June 8, 2004 (5:20 - 11:23 UT) the Venus Transit may be observed also on the page of the live transmission of the Sun (if there will be clear sky in the Ondrejov observatory).

VT-2004 Image Processing on-line
3. 6. 2004 - Stanislava Simberova

 At this pages you can improve or analyse observed Venus-Transit Image.

The Venus Transit and the VT-2004 project
10. 3. 2004 - Stanislav Stefl

 On June 8, 2004, Venus - the Earth's sister planet - passes in front of the Sun as seen from the Earth. This very rare event (no living person has ever seen one!) lasts about 6 hours and will be visible from most of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Information about launching the Mimosa satellite
30. 6. 2003 - Ales Bezdek

 Information about launching the Mimosa satellite can be found here.

Mercury transit Highlights
7. 5. 2003 - Rostislav Stork

 Images from Mercury transit May 7, 2003 are available here.

Mercury transit Live
6. 5. 2003 - Rostislav Stork

 May 7, 2003 Mercury pass in front of Sun ...

The April 6, 2002 fireball the Pribram twin
18. 4. 2002 - Pavel Spurny

 A very bright fireball illuminated large territory of Western Austria and Southern Bavaria on Saturday evening, April 6 at 22:20:18 local time ...

Leonids 2001 from Ondrejov backscatter radar
19. 11. 2001 - Rostislav Stork

 The preliminary results of Leonids observed by Ondrejov backscatter radar are presented here ...

MIMOSA satellite launch contract signed
7. 11. 2001 - Radek Peresty

 The launch of the Czech MIMOSA satellite will be performed on the Rockot launch vehicle in the fourth quarter of 2002 ...

Czech Solar Spectrometer in Space
21. 3. 2000 - Frantisek Farnik

 Solar Broad-Band Hard X-Ray Spectrometer Was Launched on March 12, 2000 onboard the MTI Satellite ...

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