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Summary of present activities

Obr.26 At present, the following fields are studied at the Astronomical Institute: solar physics, meteor physics, stellar astronomy, galactic astronomy and dynamics of bodies of the solar system including the artificial satellites.

Several instruments are used daily for various kinds of observations, e.g. 2-m stellar telescope, photometric telescope, multichannel solar flare spectrograph, solar magnetograph, solar telescope, solar radiospectrographs, meteor radar, photographic zenith tube, photographic European fireball network, etc.

The work of the Astronomical Institute provides a good example of international collaboration. Through the computer network we not only distribute our observations to world data centers, but also we obtain information from other ground-based observatories as well as from instruments operating on satellites.

The received data are analyzed and compared with physical models. Several processes in the above mentioned fields are numerically simulated on computers, e.g. the solar flare shock propagation in the heliosphere.

Obr.31 In our Institute several instruments for space research have been proposed and constructed. Previously, this was in the framework of the INTERCOSMOS program, nowadays it is on the basis of the collaboration with states of the European Union and the USA. An example worth mentioning is measurements by the microaccelerometer on board the American Space Shuttle Atlantis and the hard X-ray photometer prepared for launch on the American MTI satellite.