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Petr Heinzel

Solar Physics

Research fields: Solar atmosphere: Flares, prominences, coronal loops, chromospheric structure. Non-LTE radiative transfer: numerical methods for multi-level problems, partial frequency redistribution, accelerated lambda iteration techniques/,2D-transfer. Model atmospheres: structure and dynamics of the chromosphere and flares, the physics of isolated plasma structures (loops, prominences, chromospheric network). Radiation-hydrodynamics: time-dependent non-LTE problems, energy balance, heating mechanisms. Spectral diagnostics: MFS observations, analysis of optical and UV spectra, semi-empirical models. 1974 graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague, 1982 PhD in Astrophysics, 1993 DSc in Astrophysics, staff member of the Astronomical Institute, Head of the Solar Physics Department. External lecturer on Stellar Atmospheres at Charles University, Wroclav University and Komensky University, member of the Supervisory Board for PhD students at Charles University. Supervisor of PhD students at Charles University, Komensky University, Wroclaw University, Moscow State University and Cairo University. Visiting professor at the Université de Paris (Orsay), Observatoire de Meudon, Wroclaw University and MPA Garching. Associate scientist of the SOHO/SUMER team. Director of the Astronomical Institute since July 2004.