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René Hudec

Stellar Physics

Research fields: High energy astrophysics with emphasis on multispectral analyses and eruptive processes in cosmic plasma. Gamma ray bursts (GRB), galactic and extragalactic X-ray and gamma-ray sources (AGNs, QSOs, blazars). Searches for counterparts at optical wavelength. Analyses of evolution and emission mechanisms. Designer of space and ground-based experiments in these areas. Development and design of X-ray optics for space as well as laboratory applications. 1970 graduated from the Technical Faculty of General Engineering, 1975 graduated from Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 1978 RNDr. degree from Charles University, Prague, 1981 PhD Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Prague. Since 1975 at the Astronomical Institute. Since 1989 Head of Working Group on Interdisciplinary Astrophysics, later Head of the Group of High Energy Astrophysics. Founder of the European Observation Network (EON). Principal Investigator of satellite and ground-based projects (e.g., X-ray telescope TEREK-FOBOS). Since 1992 Principal Investigator of the European Central Initiative Cooperation Project Investigation of GRB. Since 1996 consortium member of the experiment OMC onboard the INTEGRAL ESA, and co-I satellite and consortium member of the INTEGRAL Science and Data Center ISDC. Since 1996 PI of the Czech participation in the INTEGRAL satellite program, ESA. Since 2002 member of the Telescope Working Group of the Project ESA XEUS. Author and co-author of more than 250 scientific papers and communications.

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