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Bruno Jungwiert

* 1970
E-mail: bruno(at)

Research fields: Dynamics and evolution of galaxies, N-body simulations, integral field spectroscopy. 1993 graduated in Physics from Charles University, Prague. 1995 DEA (Diplôme d´Etudes Approfondies) in Astrophysics and Space Techniques from Meudon Observatory. 1998 PhD in Astrophysics at Université Paris VII and Charles University. Since 1994 at the Astronomical Institute. Long-term stays abroad: Meudon Observatory (1994-1995, 9 months), Paris Observatory (1995-1997, 18 months), Centre de Recherche Astronomique de Lyon (2003-2005, 2 years, post-doc position within the EU Research Training Network "Euro3D-Promoting 3D Spectroscopy in Europe"). Observations with VLT and William Herschel 4.2m Telescope. Member of the International Astronomical Union and European Astronomical Society.