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Marian Karlickı

Solar Physics

Research fields: Solar flare physics: evolution of superthermal particles in flare loops, evaporation, reconnection of magnetic field, hard X-ray emission, polarization of optical chromospheric lines. Solar radioastronomy: radio bursts in metric, decimetric and microwave frequency ranges. Solar plasma physics: Langmuir waves in current-carrying plasma, solutions of Zakharov equations, neutral beams. Numerical modeling: particle, hybrid and MHD codes. 1973 graduated from the J.E. Purkynì University in Brno, 1976 RNDr degree from Charles University, Prague, 1981 PhD in Solar Plasma Physics, 1992 DSc in Astrophysics. Several stays abroad - Meudon Observatory, Trieste Observatory, Potsdam Observatory, Glasgow University, Birmingham University, Colorado University, Nanjing University, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, INPE Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, Nobeyama Observatory, JAXA/ISAS Japan. 1990-1996 Head of the Solar Department, 1996-2004 Deputy Director of the Astronomical Institute, since 2004 Head of Working Group Physics of solar flares and prominences. Since 2002 Member of the Scientific Council of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.