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Stanislava Šimberová

Solar Physics

Research fields: Digital image processing in astronomy and astrophysics; pattern recognition - image fusion, contextual classification, feature selection, classifier performance, filtration. Image enhancement and restoration - multispectral image analysis and reconstruction, texture synthesis, geometric transformation, probabilistic relaxation, multichannel blind deconvolution. 1978 MSc graduate in honours Czech Technical University, Prague, Electronics. 1982 MSc Inst. of Engineering Studies, Prague, Pedagogics. 1990 PhD Czech Technical University, Prague, Cybernetics. Since 1989 researcher at the Astronomical Institute, Solar Department. Since 1992 member of the Executive Committee of the Czech Pattern Recognition Society (CPRS), since 1998 chairman of the CPRS. Since 2001 member of the scientific council of the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics. 1996 ISPRS Vienna - Dolezal Award.