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Pavel Spurný

Interplanetary Matter

Research fields: Physics of meteor flight in the atmosphere, computations of meteor orbits and trajectories, radiation of meteors at very high altitudes, reduction methods for determining meteor trajectories, precise and detailed light curves of fireballs from radiometers, double station television observations of meteors. Principal investigator of the project "Automation of the cameras for fireball observations in the Czech part of the European Fireball Network". Participation in the development and design of the autonomous fireball observatory for photographic detection of fireballs. Main coordinator of the European Fireball Network (EN) and head of the Czech part of the EN since 1993. 1982 graduated from Charles University, Prague. Since 1982 at the Astronomical Institute. 1992 PhD in Astronomy, 2000-2004 Head of the Group of Meteor Physics, 1993-2000 and since 2004 Head of the Interplanetary Matter Department. 2003 Scientist Award of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic.