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Fireball report form

The Department of Interplanetary Matter of the Astronomical Institute studies bright meteors - fireballs. Reports by witnesses of these rather rare events are very important sources of information. If you saw a meteor brighter than the planet Venus, please, complete this form. It is not necessary to fill out all items. The most important is the time of the event with the precision of 5 seconds, if possible. After filling out the form the data will be sent via e-mail to the competent people and saved into a database. Do not insert links to other pages (because of spam protection, such reports are not saved). We are interested in observations from central Europe.

Date and time:  
year: month: day: night*: 
hour: minute: second: time: 
time precision: minutes: seconds:  
*to enable checking the date, please, select also the night in the week
first name and surname:
contact information
place of observation:
circumstances of observation:
Fireball data:  
estimated magnitude*:
* enter magnitude or other description of brightness (comparison with stars, Moon, etc.)
duration:     seconds
position in the sky - beginnig of trajectory*:
position in the sky - end of trajectory*:
* enter constellation, geographic direction, azimuth and elevation above horizon, or next town direction
description of the luminous phenomenon*:
* size, shape, changes of brightness, break-up, trail ...
sonic effects:
      Form filled by (if different from the observer):
first name and surname:
contact information:


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